Monday, June 6, 2011

The Mike Jones Factor


Happy Monday, all! Are y’all ready to check in the game? Let’s go!

Surely everyone remembers the 2000s Swishahouse recording artist, Mike Jones. WHO? MIKE JONES (bet you didn’t see that coming. lol). His first and maybe only bona fide hit (if memory serves correctly) described his personal tale of how he rose from ashy to classy. Word to Jergen’s; I kid. In this requested topic for Just GQ,—keep the suggestions coming by the way—I will address, what I like to call “The Mike Jones factor” (cue dramatic music)!

A 20-something woman once told me that girls need to date a bad boy once in their lives because that experience helps them better appreciate when they get a good guy. Also, a couple nights ago on Twitter, I saw a tweet that read, “Nice guys finish last because the nice guy is the last guy she will ever be with.” I’m not gonna lie; I threw up a little when I read this.

WHO wants to be that guy?! WHO wants to be penalized for being a nice guy and shying away from thuggish behavior, clearly showcasing a well put together presentation? Should nice guys be comforted in knowing that after she’s tired of being done wrong by every other dude, he can serve as her safety net? NO! Excuse me for a moment. *regains composure*

As I have never been nor claimed to be a thug of any persuasion or a victimized nice guy, I have not directly been involved in this less than logical conundrum; however, I have observed and served as a makeshift consultant at times. The situation gets dicey when nice guys realize that the “nice guy approach” fails, deferring to a lesser opponent in the majority of cases. Once observed and analyzed, nice guys often deduce, “I tried to be nice, but she chose the dude that talks bad to her, treats her poorly, and clearly is sputtering in life’s race. While I won’t sacrifice my ambition and path to success, I can oblige her desire to be with a jerk.” This behavior, in its most basic form, performs as the machete that has been taken to the very core of chivalry.

This conclusion holds a transferable nature to any scenario in which the lesser opponent is awarded the prize, the prize being the object of affection (regardless of sex). When dealing with “emotional cutters”—not to make light of self-mutilation—they are often drawn to negative situations like moths to flames and fight potentially positive relationships. When dealing with leeches, these “ladies” continuously hop from progressive boat to progressive boat looking for a life of luxury with minimal labor on her part. In common terms, this class of people has been deemed as “groupies” by society. In the initial life draft, she may have latched onto an athlete with league potential for the actual draft of a major sport yielding major compensation, but as most of us know, league dreams often draw parallels with pipe dreams failing to produce ideal results.

Following this development, this person will dock the first boat and begin searching for another one to board; cue the “nice guy”. At this point, the “nice guy”, opted for the more traditional route of progression, if ambitious, perhaps he has enrolled in law school or med school; maybe he is an engineer. This is what I deem the “supplemental draft”. They tried the dope boy; fail. They tried the athlete; higher success rate but fail. Now, interest peaks regarding the newly successful “nice guy”, but at this point, the “nice guy” has generated interest from numerous other parties, many more than likely with good intentions and lacking an ulterior motive.

In the Mike Jones’ hit, he repeatedly stated, “Back then they didn’t want me; now, I’m hot, and they all on me.”

This line conveys the feeling felt by the “nice guy” when he realizes that his pre-supplemental draft stock is actively rising, spite. The very females who played him while he was in grind mode to achieve his goals, express a change in heart once they see his goals have been or are being reached, and thus the “Mike Jones factor” goes into effect. 

Thanks for checking in the GAME with me.. #GETHYPED because in a week, we will be launching (June 13)! God Bless!

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